About Us

Daily News Chronicle is your one stop destination for all the latest news on wide range of topics like world politics, science, technology, entertainment, sports, business, global economics, and international relations. The website is organized by a group of journalists and editors around the globe with a common focus to offer the subscribers with prompt and well researched news.

Daily News Chronicle values authenticity and transparency of information available on the Internet and thus ensure to provide the same on our website. Every article published on this website passes many reality and editorial checks before they are available for our readers.

Along with our core team, Daily News Chronicle also works with professionals and several media organizations thus making us a considerable network in providing reliable information.

Below are the key players behind the consistency and unpeckable reporting at Daily News Chronicle.

Pallavi Bangare
Pallavi currently works as a content developer and editor at the Daily News Chronicle. She holds a degree in Mass Communication and covers major articles on the website. She has 5 years of experience in content writing, copy writing, technical writing, press releases, and content editing.

Ulhas Rajguru
Ulhas is an analyst and senior contributor at the Daily News Chronicle. He takes care of all the analysis and caters the requirement of the entire content team. Ulhas and his team makes sure that their eyes are around the globe and track each and every news at the earliest.