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Latest Trends in the Field of Electric Vehicles

Technology Trends in EV Field:

You may not have one on top of your Christmas list, let alone have even driven one. But, the field of electric vehicle (EV) is expanding at a rapid pace- even if it may sound too bold.

Various renowned manufacturers, including Jaguar are expected to up their game by planning to sell only electric vehicle models in future years. A few other companies are including novel features in their models to attract more customers and generate high share.

As we move towards the middle of 2022, here are some of the crucial trends occurring in the electric vehicle industry worldwide.

Smart Charging Technology

Smart charges are capable of communication with each other, including the power grid and the car to deliver better energy consumption and costs, unlike conventional chargers. These chargers are can easily let drivers know when the energy becomes low. At the same time, these can efficiently schedule their charges and are thus cost-effective to charge. These would help drivers to plug in their vehicle to the point as soon as they reach the charging station. However, the charging would mot start until the right time. Various electric vehicles don’t always have to be charged rapidly or are designed to be charged gradually over time as drivers do not require a full battery every time. Charging time can be scheduled according to the amount of energy a car needs.

Development of Charging Points

The mass adoption of electric vehicles requires the development of easily accessible public charging stations across various parts of the globe to increase the uptake of the same. Imagine standing in a long queue for over an hour or so just to charge your vehicle! This would be highly inconvenient. Thus, owners of petroleum-based cars are worrying and hesitating to switch to electric vehicles owing to the lack of charging stations. Ongoing technological developments are set to help companies in eliminating this hurdle in the upcoming years.

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Load Balancing Technology

Load balancing is considered to be a new feature in the field of electric vehicles as the demand for energy on the national grid is surging at a steady pace with the sales of these vehicles. Load balancing is capable of distributing the available capacity over all the active charging stations. It can also ensure that optimal charging is delivered to all electric vehicles as per the limits of the charging stations. Charge point owners are expected to balance the maximum current and the overall load between units, instead of paying exorbitant energy cost on only one charger.

Is the Future Bright?

Electric vehicles can provide an opportunity to completely replace fossil fuels in the automotive and transportation sectors. The electrification of the transportation sector can also offer benefits, including low local pollution and high energy efficiency. Besides, the government of various countries are set to provide monetary support to automakers for enhancing their electric vehicles manufacturing facilities. Some of them are also offering subsidies and tax exemption benefits.

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