SpaceX And NASA Set To Launch Next Crew To Orbit

SpaceX And NASA Set To Launch Next Crew To Orbit

NASA and Elon Musk owned company Space X have launched next crew of four astronauts into orbit late on Wednesday. The crew of four members include three NASA astronauts – Spacecraft commander Raja Chari, mission specialist Kayla Barron, mission pilot Thomas Marshburn and German ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer, a mission specialist.

The launch of third SpaceX operational mission in the Commercial Crew Program was originally planned on 31 October 2021. However, due to unfavorable weather and minor health conditions of the crew members, mission delayed till 9 November 2021.

Finally after nearly two weeks of delays, all four crew3 astronauts boarded their SpaceX dragon spacecraft from Cape Canaveral, on 11 November 2021 at 02:03 UTC.The astronauts will spend six months in orbit.

Chari told that Crew Dragon capsules have been given name as ‘Endurance’ and it’s special for them on a number of levels. He further added that it’s a tribute to the tenacity of human spirit.

SpaceX and NASA together have successfully sent 600th passenger to reach space in 60 years by launching spacecraft crew3 of four astronauts.

By Ulhas