UAE Declares Plans for Space Fund and Radar Satellite Constellation

UAE Declares Plans for Space Fund and Radar Satellite Constellation

UAE Declares Plans for Space Fund and Radar Satellite Constellation

July 2022: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is planning to develop a radar satellite constellation as part of a novel fund which is more than Us$ 800 Million to accelerate the country’s space industry.

On July 17th, the UAE government announced its plans to develop Sirb, a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite constellation. Sirb in Arabic refers to a flock of birds. The constellation will now be developed and will take more than six years. The first satellite is expected to be launched in three years.

The UAE Space Agency further provided a few details about its upcoming Sirb Satellites. Apart from these, there will be various other small satellites that will operate in X-band. The agency is yet to disclose the number of satellites planned or the budget for the system. A new illustration launched by the agency exhibited a cubesat-class satellite with an antenna that can be utilized for numerous applications.

As per Chair of the UAE Space Agency, Sarah Al Amiri, SAR technology would leapfrog the conventional imaging satellites. These would help in delivering a more robust imaging system by using X-band radar technologies. These small-scale satellites are faster and more agile to develop. These are also very powerful, which is a vital indicator of the new generation systems that technology is now making possible to develop.

The UAE is planning to seek bids for at least a few aspects of the system. The government mentioned that it is set to take in proposals for the development of satellite components. It would also request proposals for satellite operation, launch, and a new commercialization plan. The novel project is expected to include new opportunities for both internal and Emirati companies.

The Sirb constellation is considered to be a cornerstone of a unique National Space Fund that was also declared on July 17th. The government committed to invest more than 3 billion dirhams, which equals to US$ 817 Million on space related projects such as Sirb.

Director General of the UAE Space Agency, Salem Al Qubaisi stated that the National Space Fund is projected to augment global partnerships to develop themselves in the UAE. It would provide them with crucial and new technological platforms and push development activities to meet the surging need of global customers and the UAE Space Program for cutting-edge technologies and innovations.

Moreover, the government is yet to declare what other projects are under development or consideration for supporting the new fund or how long the fund will remain operational. Al Amiri further stated that the fund will be mainly targeted at creating novel opportunities for international cooperation in developing Emirati companies.

The UAE government has also provided importance to the space sector and considered it as a vital area responsible for the growth of the country. It would also enable UAE to diversify its economy. The government’s highest profile initiative in the country is Hope or the Emirates Mars Mission. It is a Mars orbiter that was launched two years ago. The country is presently focusing on Beyond Mars mission. It would help the country to fly by numerous asteroids, as well as Venus. The launch is planned in 2028.

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