On Wednesday, secretary general of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Goran Hansson announced Nobel Prize 2021 Winners in the field of Chemistry.

German scientist Benjamin List working at Max Planck Institute and David WC MacMillan of Princeton University were cited with Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their work in developing a new way for building molecule called as “asymmetric organocatalysis.”

Asymmetric organocatalysis became the third catalyst as researchers long believed that there were only two catalysts as metal and enzymes. Discovery of Asymmetric organocatalysis has helped make chemistry greener by taking molecular construction to completely new level.

Panel of The Nobel Prize said the discovery of new catalyst has made it much easier to produce asymmetric molecules and it has got an outstanding speed to further help in pharmaceutical and molecules that can capture light in solar cells.

Independently of each other both the scientists have developed something big which builds upon small organic molecules.

By Ulhas