A Glimpse into the Latest Innovations in Cyber Security

A Glimpse into the Latest Innovations in Cyber Security

Cyber Security Protection Firewall Interface Concept

A Glimpse into the Latest Innovations in Cyber Security

Cyber security has always been a topic of interest amongst numerous prominent organizations and academic researchers since the evolution of the Internet. In today’s technologically advanced world, it is a very rare factor to pass a day without at least one news article about malware attacks, denial-of-service shutdown, or the latest data breach. The intensity and complexity of such attacks have been rising day by day due to technical advancements. Due to this, the populace across the globe have been witnessing severe economic as well as political consequences.

As the cyber criminals have become smarter than ever, breaches are becoming harder to detect nowadays. This is leading to an urgent requirement for strong innovations that would aid in protecting a company’s data and other confidential information from the ongoing cyber threats. This article provides detailed information regarding the latest innovations, companies, and institutions involved in safeguarding the vast amount of data.

Artificial Intelligence Can Do More Than Just Being a Mere Chatbot

Nucleon, a provider of cyber intelligence, based in Florida, helps several governments and enterprises in predicting threats before they turn into severe breaches and data theft. The company’s system possesses top-quality intelligence with the capability of acting upon a particular threat without requiring human intervention. The system persistently keeps a check on the vulnerable attacks that often come from governments, professional hackers, and other highly skilled individuals.

Nucleon enables organizations to shield themselves against these attacks by alerting them from time to time, even before these attacks get to enter into their networks. To implement its intelligence system in an organization’s security products, Nucleon is offering www.cybercure.ai, a website that provides free, as well as premium security feeds.

AimBrain Prevents Fraudulent Attacks Through a Unique Combination of Authentication Tools

AimBrain, a computer security service company, headquartered in the U.K., aids in protecting the customers against fraudulent acts and in securing the biometrical data. The company owns five anti-fraud modules. They are as follows:

  • AimAnomaly: It has the ability to detect machine as well as manual frauds by unveiling hidden behavioral patterns.
  • AimBehaviour: It assesses and monitors known users’ behaviors to safeguard account takeovers and breaches with the help of three active step-up biometric checks.
  • AimFace: It offers an efficient method of authentication unlike the passwords and push notifications. It also lets a person unlock the benefits of an organization with facial authentication.
  • AimVoice: It is an easy-to-deploy voice biometric authentication module that aids in detecting and preventing synthetic voice fraud. It relies on the company’s liveliness and anti-spoof to prevent bot attacks with randomized voice challenges.
  • AimFace//LipSync: It helps in reducing synthetic fraud attacks with deep learning. The system uses face and voice data to provide a single risk-based assessment.

The company announced the launch of ‘AimBrain On Demand’ in May 2018. It is a free-for-life platform that enables app developers, technical audiences, and entrepreneurs swap passwords and PINS for voice and facial user verification, in a trial-to-development and autonomous environment.

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Identifying Various Online Shoppers and Removing Competitive Adware to Prevent Conversion Theft

Long gone are the days when pop up ads used to be very annoying. These have eventually been replaced by contextually relevant ads that redirects the shoppers to those sites that offer competitive products at cheap rates. BrandLock, a provider of conversion optimization suite, based in the U.S., provides consumers with malware solutions to increase on-site conversions. The company aids in removing competitor ads— one of the key barriers to purchase. A consumer’s browser can often become infected with malware through his or her downloads. The company has partnered with various clients.

Utilizing Embeddable Security Protocol to Secure Wireless Communication 

Wireless communication networks are becoming vulnerable to intrusion because of the lack of a physical association between the sender and the receiver of a particular message. Cryptography, a practice of solving codes, has failed to win against the increasing number of threats that the wireless modes of communication face. Researches at Western University have created an embeddable security protocol to prevent those threats that are associated with wireless networks. The protocol has been developed by using the features of a physical layer authentication technique.

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