Alberto Fernandez Received Governors And Promised Measures Against Speculators

The meeting of the governors with President Alberto Fernandez lasted about two hours. As soon as it was over, the attending governors, unlike other opportunities, ran out and requested that their cars look for them on the esplanade of the Casa Rosada to avoid contact with journalists. The only governor who stayed was Jorge Capitanich and he could be seen in Gustavo Beliz’s office.

“The President conveyed that he is working to take the pertinent measures” was the only thing that was known after the meeting. Is that the first information that came from what was discussed with the president was known by a statement from the governor of Santa Cruz, Alicia Kirchner . The statement says that there was a dialogue “about the current economic and financial situation.” Also that in the meeting that was held with the president and the chief of staff, the governors announced ” our vision of the economic situation as a result of the exchange run.”

It concludes by anticipating that “the President conveyed that he is working to take the pertinent measures” although he did not specify what type of measures he is about to take and regarding what issues.

The official statement from the Presidency only indicates that the meeting “analyzed the national situation while discussing the situation in each province . ”

For his part, and through social networks, Gildo Insfran, governor of Formosa, along the same lines as Alicia Kirchner, points out that they transmitted to the president and the chief of staff “ our vision of the current economic and financial situation, exacerbated by the the last few days.”

According to Insfran, the president “transmitted to them that work is being done to advance with measures to respond to this situation that we are going through .” Axel Kicillof also expressed himself with similar concepts.

After several days of an almost empty Casa Rosada, this Wednesday President Alberto Fernández holds a long meeting with the so-called “league of governors.”

It should be noted that the provincial leaders held a meeting prior to appearing at the Casa Rosada. Axel Kiciloff (Buenos Aires), Gildo (Insfrán (Formosa)) Sergio Uñac (San Juan), Alberto Rodríguez Saá (San Luis), Jorge Capitanich (Chaco), Osvaldo Jaldo (Tucumán), Sergio Ziliotto (La Pampa) ), Omar Periotti (Santa Fe), Gustavo Melella (Tierra del Fuego), Gustavo Bordet (Entre Ríos) and Raúl Jalil (Catamarca and Mariano Arcioni (Chubut ).

Surely the provincial leaders conveyed to the president their doubts about whether there will be cabinet changes. They previously held a meeting at the CFI. Also, if it is true that the president of the Chamber of Deputies , Sergio Massa, could join the ministerial cast , either as chief of staff or as a “super minister of Economy.” It transpired that this Friday the president would hold a meeting with Massa.

Although, also, there is talk that Jorge Capitanich could join the cabinet, but as chief of staff. Capitanich, used to be chief of staff, is an economist and has already anticipated that he has presidential aspirations for 2023.

The truth is that the governors surely required definitions from the president to be able to convey in their provinces that “the situation is under control.”

It should be noted that the union of these provincial leaders contrasts with the disarticulation observed within the national cabinet.

While the Minister of Economy, Silvina Batakis , was in Washington to guarantee that Argentina will remain within the program agreed with the IMF before the main authorities of the United States Treasury, the IMF, and multilateral organizations, in Buenos Aires the rumors of a possible landing of Massa to have the economic areas under its control.

It was not the only contradictory signal, while Batakis guaranteed that the axis of his policy will be “fiscal balance”, in Buenos Aires President Alberto Fernández announced a bonus of 11,000 pesos for the workers of the Work Plans, almost 1,300 thousand beneficiaries.

This figure does not appear in the budget that the minister received from the Treasury. This outlay -for the only time- represents some 14,300 million pesos in August.

It should be noted that the payment to the census takers, which was released as soon as Batakis took office, was about 4,000 million pesos. And, it is commented in the Palacio de Hacienda, that the floating debt left by former Minister Martin Guzmán is greater than 150,000 million pesos.

For several months now, the governors have been holding collective meetings where they analyze the situation in the country. The fact is that the rise in the different types of dollars, the tension with the countryside, and the social demands of the piqueteros movements worry the provincial leaders.

Although, in reality for now, in numerous provinces the economic situation is not bad, public accounts are in order and public works have contributed to strengthening the image of the governors. Although “a crisis of the national government drags us all down” , they admit in a low voice.

The rumors of possible cabinet changes, of a reduction in ministerial portfolios have been going on for a long time, however, they confess that they do not see the point in this measure.

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