All You Need To Know About Insomnia

Insomnia is a kind of sleep disorder. It is a condition of finding difficulty in falling and staying asleep. There are various stages and types of Insomnia when one can experience anxiety, depression, poor sleeping habits, lack of exercise, chronic illness or certain medication.

Symptoms of Insomnia people may experience are:

• Difficulty staying asleep at night
• Waking up anytime during night
• Waking up early in the morning without getting proper sleep at night.
• Daytime drowsiness and tiredness

These symptoms are usually self diagnosable. Severity of the symptoms can cause serious mental illness.

People may also experience other congnitive conditions like lack of focus or difficulty paying attention and slowness in daily activities. Some common symptoms include sleeping difficulty, anxiety, headache, depression, worrying about lack of sleep, irritability, increased errors and trying to focus on task.

Common causes of Insomnia include:

• Stress related to important life events like money, job, relationship, divorce, or moving and deaths of closed ones
• Changing daily habits like new shift at workd, health related, addiction of alcohol or smoking
• Pregnancy, PMS and menopause
• Genetics, researchers have found that genes have been associated with insomnia


Insomnia condition can be short-term (acute) or long lasting (chronic). It may also come and go for few days or weeks. If it is a case of chronic condition your doctor may prescribe sleeping pills for a short time. Gradually your doctor will suggest behavioral therapy to promote sleep and try to diagnose any problems that cause insomnia.


Experts suggest healthy habits like healthy eating, sleeping and walking up on time, regular exercise and meditation may help you put your concerns aside for the night and prevent Insomnia.

By Ulhas