Argentine Basket Tournament: The Sub 14 of La Pampa Runner-Up, With Castense Presence

Argentine Basket Tournament The Sub 14 of La Pampa Runner-Up, With Castense Presence

Argentine Basket Tournament The Sub 14 of La Pampa Runner-Up, With Castense Presence

The selected Sub 14 of La Pampa stayed with the runner-up after losing to Capital Federal by 66 to 30, in one of the contesting matches -on Sunday- in the Argentine Cestoball Championship, which took place in Córdoba, which also included to the Under 17 and First categories. The runner-up team had the presence of the Castense Morena Marinangelli, while Alfonsina Pellegrino played in the Pampean Sub 17 team.

In the First Division Capital was crowned by beating San Luis in the last match of the tournament, while in Sub 17 Santiago delEspera won the championship cup by beating Capital in yesterday’s most exciting match.


The national contest was held on the fields of the Observatory Club and in the municipal sports centers of General Paz, General Bustos, Corral de Palos and Los Gigantes in the city of Córdoba, with the participation of 39 teams from 12 federations. The organization was in charge of the Cestoball Federation of Cordoba and the Argentine Confederation.



The Sub 14 could do nothing against Capital, which showed a clear supremacy. Despite the defeat, the Pampas were one of the main protagonists of the tournament from the start, and reached the final after defeating Buenos Aires 88-46.

This team beat Santiago del Estero last Friday, in the reclassifying playoff.

The U14 women’s team of La Pampa, whose coach was Marcelo Alejandro Guido, was made up of Camila Gatica Fernández, Luana Díaz, Martina Bosco, Julieta Ansotegui, Moreno Santoro, Renata Vidales La Fuente, Prescila Machado, Valentina Schreider Córdoba, Morena Marinangelis , Bianca Damelio, Ema Bolaño and Martina Ramos. Technician Marcelo Alejandro Guido.



The team from the Federal Capital won the First Division title by beating San Luis in the final by 121-67.

The Buenos Aires women ratified the good game against the Puntanas, in a national edition in which La Pampa was far from its historical level by finishing in sixth place.

In yesterday’s final, San Luis could do nothing against the forceful attack of Capital, which with the passing of the minutes was establishing itself on the scoreboard.

In any case, it is worthy of San Luis for reaching the final, in a category in which it was usual for the final to be played by Capital and La Pampa.



The team from Santiago delEspera was crowned champion in Sub 17 by beating Capital by 82 to 80, in an exciting match.

San Luis showed in this championship that it is the province that continues to grow in this sport, as the leader of the Pampean Cestoball Federation, Valeria Olivero, had stated.

In this category, the Pampean national team, with Castense Alfonsina Pellegrino, finished fourth after falling to San Luis by 94 to 78.

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