Benefits of Meditation | Heart | Brain | Increase Energy | Reduces Pain And More

Meditation is the practice of paying attention to particular object or thought with an accepting, nonjudgmental disposition by eliminating the stream of jumbled thoughts.

Experts say everyday mindfulness meditation can have extremely positive impact on physical as well as mental health.

Simple technique to meditate

• Find a quite place at home
• Sit in straight back posture
• Close your eyes and relax
• Watch your breath by breathing deeply and slowly
• Make your mind free of thoughts
• Think of positive things in your life

Benefits of Meditation

• Heart: Encourages healthy lifestyle

• Brain: Provides mental clarity. Meditation results changes in brain cortex which is responsible for brain function. Meditation helps higher-order functions become stronger which therefore protect against mental health conditions.

• Increase energy: Practicing brief session of meditation regularly effectively boosts energy.

• Reduces anxiety: We experience less anxiety as meditation loosens connections to particular neural pathways.

•Reduces pain: Your muscles and joints feel relaxed as meditation helps your brain release endorphins which is a natural pain relievers.

•Increases self awareness: Meditation gives the mind space to discover itself and helps to see yourself more clearly through the process.

• Controls addiction: Meditation helps to overcome bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol and drug abuse.

•Help you to sleep stress-free: Meditation helps you to relax, reduce sleeping disorders like Insomnia and sleep better at night.

• Decreases tension or stress in daily life: Meditation is linked with feeling less stressed as well as actually controlling the stress harmone called as cortisol.

• Slows aging: Many people believe that meditating daily can reverse the aging process and makes you happier.

By Pallavi