Castense Alma Vicente Was Selected by The Bolshoi of Brazil: Ballet is My Passion, She Said

Castense Alma Vicente Was Selected by The Bolshoi of Brazil: Ballet is My Passion, She Said

Castense Alma Vicente Was Selected by The Bolshoi of Brazil: Ballet is My Passion, She Said

Alma Vicente is 13 years old, dedicates between four and six hours a day -except Sundays- to dance classes, and was recently selected to join the prestigious Bolshoi ballet in Brazil, which is the only headquarters that the school has in Moscow. «I spent six days in Brazil, where I participated in intensive and very nice classes. They selected me to integrate (initially) six months into the ballet, and if I adapted I can stay permanently and if not I’ll come back. I would have to go in August, but I have to find a place to study and live, and financially we can’t get there, “explained the Castense teenager.

Alma is a girl, but she manages and responds with the maturity of a person of many years. During the interview, at a certain moment he stated that the career of dancers “is very short”, it requires many sacrifices and care because “in the case of women everything is worse, because if you get pregnant it is even shorter”.


From the age of four she has dedicated herself to dancing, perhaps encouraged by a friend of her sister who was taking classes. She tried urban rhythms, but quickly gave up. And she asked to “try” ballet, like the young woman who went to her house to do her homework. “I liked ballet from the first moment, and I never stopped practicing and dancing again,” she stressed. And she recalled that in parallel she tried to learn folklore, but she “didn’t like it”.

He currently trains from Monday to Saturday, between four and six hours a day. Since she was eight years old she competes and takes courses in Carlos Paz, Mendoza and Buenos Aires. And the pandemic did not stop it. “During the pandemic she did online seminars. And the classes were by Zoom and the recordings to compete had to be done at home, “she recalled.

Competing in the audiovisual format has its advantages and disadvantages. «With the videos you had the advantage of recording more than once if something went wrong, but also the jury could see it many times and it was easier for them to detect errors; and face-to-face when something goes wrong, that’s it, but the jury also sees it only once », she said with a smile.


Alma recently traveled, with two Castenses classmates, to a course in Carlos Paz, where there were teachers from various countries. And she had a pleasant surprise. “At the closing gala, Maicon Gorini gave me a scholarship to go to the Bolshoi School in Brazil,” she explained.

In mid-June he traveled to the neighboring country. In the city of Joinville, in the state of Santa Catarina, the Bolshoi Theater School operates in Brazil, and it is the only headquarters of the Bolshoi Theater of Moscow since the year 2000, where it works with the discipline and degree of perfection in the application of the Vaganova method, which is used in Moscow.

For six days, he participated in the demanding classes proposed by the teachers, and the results were auspicious. She has now been summoned so that in August she joins the ballet “on trial” for six months, to determine the adaptation that the young castense has.

But, Alma conveys that this possibility is not economically viable, because she has to settle in the Rio de Janeiro country, where she has to study and live. “I will talk to see if I can go next year,” she anticipated.


The little castense assures that she does not take care of herself at meals, and that despite the high daily workload that she dedicates to dancing, she also has time to share with her classmates, and on top of that she is doing well in secondary school. “Now I show you the bulletin,” she challenges the reporter.

This year I have several competitions and new scholarships may arise for other schools. Because, in August I will compete in Giros, which this year the test will be held in Eduardo Castex, and then I have a Cloche competition in Carlos Paz and another Gepal competition also in Carlos Paz, he anticipated.

What is the key to a good dancer?

I dont know. But, in each choreography I try to transmit the sensations of that work, transmit sensations to the public, because from the stage it is perceived when people are attentive to the work that the dancer presents.

Alma finished the interview and left for a dance class, because during the winter holidays she trained in double shift. In her free time, she continues to dream of the British Royal Ballet, and watching videos of her Idol Marianela Nuñez.

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