CBSE has signed centre of Excellence with Ministry of Electronics and Information technology for implementation of Blockchain technology in order to streamline the process of board results and documentation for the students.

According to CBSE Director of information and technology Antriksh Johri, earlier CBSE has introduced Machine learning (ML) and Artificial intelligence (AI) in institution for affiliation systems.

Now CBSE is ready to implement Blockchain technology in the system to cut down the time required for the document verification and reduce paper work by making digital process.

The data will be linked and stored with cryptography and therefore it will be safe and secure from any malpractices. The process will be reliable as the records will be easy to trace and verify for the students who want to access and go for further studies or jobs. Users will not have to depend on third party for documents verification.

Hence, Blockchain technology will be used by Government for CBSE to create software as named ‘Academic {BlockChain} Documents’ for academic documentation as a single source of truthful data for the students.

This will record the data in a distributed ledger by keeping ownership of the user. First CBSE will record past three years data using Blockchain technology and later update the other previous as well as upcoming data gradually.

By Ulhas