Cerruti: “80% of Registered Households Will Have The Full Subsidy”

Cerruti 80% of Registered Households Will Have The Full Subsidy

Cerruti 80% of Registered Households Will Have The Full Subsidy

Presidential spokeswoman Gabriela Cerruti stressed this Thursday that private consultants “are optimistic about the measures” announced by the new Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, and that they are already “being implemented.”

On the other hand, regarding the segmentation of rates, Cerruti pointed out in a press conference that “80 percent of the 9 million households” that requested the subsidy “spend less than 400 kilowatts per month,” for which, he reaffirmed, “80 percent of those households will have the full subsidy.”


Cerruti also indicated that President Alberto Fernández held a “long working meeting” with Massa on Thursday, in which “they evaluated the situation based on the latest changes that occurred and advanced on the roadmap and implementation of some of those measures”.

“We have recovered a certain sense of stability,” said the official.


In another passage, the spokeswoman stated that the Government “has active policies of conversation with all sectors, and all discussions take place in Parliament, which is the place where majorities and minorities express themselves in politics.”

In this sense, he pondered other dialogue “tables” such as the Economic and Social Council, which will now be “led” by the Secretary for Strategic Affairs, Mercedes Marcó del Pont, and the Council of the Minimum Vital and Mobile Wage, among others.


Cerruti also maintained that Alberto Fernández “always shared the opinion” of the Puebla Group that the case for alleged irregularities in public works against Vice President Cristina Fernández “is one of clear judicial persecution,” “has neither head nor tail and is a nonsense”.


“The President expressed it by going to testify in court and in a thread of tweets,” Cerruti recalled at the press conference.

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