Curutchet’s “Changes And Improvements”: Will It Be A Relaunch For The 2023 Elections?

Curutchet's Changes And Improvements Will It Be A Relaunch For The 2023 Elections

Curutchet's Changes And Improvements Will It Be A Relaunch For The 2023 Elections

Mayor Monica Curutchet announced “changes and improvements” in the municipal cabinet, after the resignations presented by three officials, the appointment of their replacements and the incorporation of new collaborators to cover areas that were headless. The information was provided through a press release with an ambiguous title: “Changes and improvements in the municipal cabinet”, which gave rise to political and functional interpretations.

“There are new officials who join local management and add changes that have to do with the organization and improvements in certain areas,” they indicated from the Castense commune.


The changes in the municipal cabinet were an “open secret.” The director of Human Resources, Raquel Resler, and the director of Comprehensive People Development, Jesica Suárez, had already submitted their resignations a few weeks ago, although they waited for their successors to be defined to leave the management.


The measures were interpreted from some sectors as “a relaunch” of municipal management, within the framework of the unconfirmed and less denied intentions of the Castense ruling party to run for the re-election of Mónica Curutchet in next year’s elections.


Replacements and additions.

At the time of making their resignations public, Jesica Suárez and Raquel Resler used “personal reasons” as the only argument for their removal. Instead, the remaining resignation, corresponding to the director of the “José Jaramillo” Child Development Center (CDI), Silvina Soncini, is motivated by the fact that she will assume tomorrow as director of JIN No. 10, a situation that posed an incompatibility with the position. municipal.


From the building on Padre Durando Street, they explained that the changes “have to do with occupying vacant areas and replacing officials who, for various reasons, cannot continue in management.” The sources confirmed that the therapeutic companion Mariela Lucero will be in charge of the Comprehensive People Development Department, while the Human Resources Department will be in charge of the accountant Viviana Loizaga.


Meanwhile, retired police officer Ramón Luis Pelayes also joined the municipal organization chart as the new director of Traffic and Urban Controls, while Natural Resources graduate Irina Rivero will be in charge of the Environment area. Both departments had been vacant for several months, due to the resignation of their previous owners, who until now had not been replaced.


According to community sources, these incorporations intend to “continue with professionals, like the current ones, who carry out their areas in the best way and continue to promote improvements for the neighbors, as they have been until now.” Finally, from the Municipal Executive they thanked the work done by the resignations, and clarified that in all cases “they will continue to be close to the management.”

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