Deputies Issued an Office for The Public And Citizen Security Law

Deputies Issued an Office for The Public And Citizen Security Law

Deputies Issued an Office for The Public And Citizen Security Law

In the plenary session of the General Legislation, Social Legislation, Finance and Budget and Human Rights commissions of the Chamber of Deputies of La Pampa, a favorable opinion was drawn up for the Public and Citizen Security Law project. The minority will set position in the legislative chamber.

The deputy Martín Balsa pointed out some of the actors who were present in the analysis of the project. “Police circles, the Collective, retirees, among others, came. A lot of modifications were considered,” he recalled.

From the UCR, Marcos Cuelle lamented that “it has been decided to release a project that requires more treatment.” “The law of democracy has to be in accordance with the needs of the workers of La Pampa. We are studying for the 4th, that is the criticism, this is a project that with more work could come up with a better law”, he said.

For her part, Laura Trapaglia lamented because “the contributions of the Federal Proposal were not taken.” “To have better security, we can’t just give them an extra that makes these people work more than 8 hours with those resources,” she questioned.



The provincial deputy Julio González highlighted that in the debates “civil institutions, police circles and all those who in one way or another have had and have contact with the police participated.” “We have brought debates and we have modified some aspects. The project received the treatment it should have”, he highlighted.

For his part, Espartaco Marín pointed out the “role of the University of La Pampa as one of the most important aspects that we incorporate in the analysis of the initiative.”

“There is also the possibility that the professionals and technicians of the police forces, outside of their working hours, can perform other functions. In addition, the security observatory, which was incorporated into this law with the statistics and information to prevent insecurity situations more quickly, ”he concluded.

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