Excess belly fat or abdominal fat is a major concern and common weight loss goal in almost every age group. Excess abdominal fat not only makes you feel uncomfortable among others but also increases the risk of health problems like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, breathing problem, etc.

Your body has certain states and reasons due to which you produce belly fat quickly. Your weight depends the calories you consume and burn off during the day through daily exercise. Burning fat around your belly can be tricky but with right information and guidance you can quickly and healthily get rid of it.

Here are some key factors to beat abdominal fat: 

  1. Exercise: Atleast 30 minutes of moderate or vigorous exercise for atleast 5 days a week can trim all your unwanted body fat, including visceral fat. Experts recommend, vigorous aerobic exercise like running and brisk walking for atleast 75 minutes a week helps you get rid of fat quickly. In addition, 15 minutes’ walk after every meal during a day further helps to get results fast. Drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated during training.
  2. Diet: Adding enough fibre to your diet can do magic in weight loss process, belly fat usually goes first. You should add atleast 10 grams of soluble fibre per day for better results. Avoid fast food and oily food. Focus on healthy diet such as fruits, vegetables, salad, whole grains, low fat dairy products and plant-based food.
  3. Avoid Sugary beverage: Drink water and fruit juices without sugar. Avoid sugary and salty beverages.
  4. Sleep: Get enough sleep of atleast 7-8 hours. People who sleep less than the recommended time are more likely to have obesity and other health issues.
  5. Stress: Relax with your family and friends to avoid stress. Regular meditation and exercise help to get rid of stress and helps to make good choices for yourself. Stress management is necessary for healthy well-being.

By Pallavi