Easy Exercises For Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common complaint of patients due to poor posture. We see today’s youth spend too many hours hunched over smartphones, laptops or computer playing video games often triggers muscle strains.

In addition, muscles at the back of the neck feel tight due to overwork to hold the head upward during screentime at the office. Injuries or diseases can also be the reasons for neck or upper back pain.

Here are simple exercises or stretches to relieve such pain and strengthen the neck muscles:

1. Circular neck rotation
Do clockwise and anticlockwise head rotation for 10 counts each, gently and slowly.

2. Side neck rotation
Put right hand on head. Gently stretch by looking over your right shoulder at 45°, holding for 10 seconds and repeat the same process for left side by looking over the left shoulder for 10 seconds.

3. Forward and backward stretch
Tuck the chin in looking below and head towards the chest. Apply the pressure by putting hand on the head. Hold for 10 seconds.
Now for backward stretch, apply pressure by both the hands on head and gently tuck head on the back for 10 seconds.

4. Cat and Cow segmentation
Get on your knees and hands on table top position. Spread the fingers directly below your shoulders. Look up, slowly inhale and tilt your pelvis back, arch your back for cow pose, hold for fews seconds.
For cat pose, exhale and tuck your tailbone. Keeping head down and chin towards chest, round your back for cat pose.
Repeat this exercise 5-10 times daily for better results.

However,  you should consult your doctor before performing these exercises in case of severe spondylitis. Find out the causes of neck pain and get the treatment accordingly.

By Pallavi