Fabricio Rodriguez Rock at the Spanish Society on July 9th

Fabricio Rodriguez Present at the Spanish Society

Fabricio Rodriguez Present at the Spanish Society

A great national rock arrives at the Spanish Society that will have the presence of many renowned local artists and in turn the participation of Fabricio Rodríguez, musician, singer-songwriter and harmonica player from Córdoba.

Last Thursday he went through the air of 5xSemana to talk about his arrival in the city for the first time and expressed, “I’m going to the Pampas, it’s a joy to be able to be in General Pico for the first time, on such an important date as the July 9 so I’m going with the whole band there, to take our show “.

Fabricio Rodríguez is a musician, singer-songwriter and harmonica player from Córdoba, with eight albums to his credit. With his music he toured countries such as Colombia, Mexico, the United States, Uruguay, among others. Tours that took him to unimaginable places such as his concert at the 50th anniversary of La Base Marambio in Antarctica Argentina, as the only guest musician and in charge of bringing music to the white continent on such an important anniversary.

He has been sharing his art for a long time in different parts of our country and in this regard Fabricio said, “It’s been many years of career and in recent years thank God we have occupied an important place, but above all things with a lot of work that has led me to to step on very important stages, to share with artists that are important to our music. So it is a very important part of my career and I am very grateful to music for everything it has given me”.

Fabricio throughout his career was an independent artist, who made the decision to travel from Villa María to Buenos Aires, with the aim of enhancing his work and to meet other top-level artists, such as Leon Gieco, Abel Pintos, Alejandro Lerner, Javier Calamaro, all singers with whom he had the opportunity to collaborate on different occasions.

In this sense, Fabricio commented, “working with renowned artists gave me the possibility that their public get to know my music and many of them choose to follow me and accompany me in my concerts. This is a push that helps a lot, on a path that one has to open it independently, which I think is the hardest thing”.

Regarding the end, he announced that they were going to meet at the festival next Saturday and explained, “we are going to present some songs from an album that has just come out, but we are going to bring a lot of folklore because it is a national date for people to dance and celebrate.”

If you want to get your tickets you can do so by going to the Tecno Center on Calle 13 between 20 and 22.

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