In middle of Covid-19, flu is another concern in India as the cases are rising day by day. According to reports, Covid-19 cases have reduced in India but there has been unfortunate rise in number flu cases seen in India.

Influenza is a common virus which hits the country during seasonal changes. Symptoms of seasonal influenza are normal otherwise but this time have been observed to be severe and concerning than before. The cases have been seen longer lasting this time around. Flu can be seen to be a serious health problem like Covid-19 and can cause severity for vulnerable people. Flu should not be considered as ‘”cold” like earlier and should not take lightly.

Widespread of vaccination drive all over the world has helped to tackle with Covid-19 crisis and somehow get control over it. As the number of flu cases surging, doctors and experts are increasingly stressing on kids and adult to get flu vaccination by seeing posing alarming problems. Flu vaccines offers protection against seasonally occurred influenza virus.

These vaccines need to routinely improved and upgrade as it only offers protection for maximum 6-7 months. in order to get maximum protection against illness risk cause by influenza and thus bring down the risk of transmission or infection to others, you need to push into annual immunization practice with timely vaccination.

World Health Organization (WHO) recommended Southern Hemisphere (SH) vaccines for beneficiaries across the India as per weather conditions. The efficacy of the vaccine has been found to best according to WHO criteria for Indian beneficiaries. Flu vaccines come in two types as intramuscular injectable and intranasal sprays.

By Ulhas