Girl Choked on Candy and A Prefect Saved Her Life

Girl choked on candy and a prefect saved her life

Girl choked on candy and a prefect saved her life

an instant, a member of the Argentine Naval Prefecture assisted and saved the life of a four-year-old girl who was choking after choking on candy, in a dramatic moment in the city of Mar del Plata.

The incident occurred at the address located on Calle Génova at 5900 in Barrio San Martín.

A patrol of the force was touring the area as part of citizen security operations, when the screams of a woman alerted the officials.


The request referred to a minor who was in the arms of a desperate mother trying to revive her. The minor’s condition required immediate attention: she was the victim of a drowning. “She was already purple when the prefects arrived,” recounted a local resident.


Immediately, Second Assistant Federico Gauna, First Corporal Gastón Ríos and Second Corporal Gabriel Arrúa approached the scene and took the girl. While Gauna and Ríos contained the mother, who was having a nervous breakdown, Arrua performed the Heimlich maneuver on her and managed to get the girl to expel the candy from her, unblocking her airways.


Once the emergency was over, the mother took her daughter to the hospital for better care, where she was informed that the girl was fine thanks to the practice carried out by the prefect.

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