He Cut Down A Forest To Make A Ski Slope And Will Have To Pay A $36 Million Fine

He Cut Down A Forest To Make A Ski Slope And Will Have To Pay A $36 Million Fine

He Cut Down A Forest To Make A Ski Slope And Will Have To Pay A $36 Million Fine

A tourism entrepreneur from Chubut must pay a fine of $36.5 million for having cut down a native forest with the purpose of installing a ski slope there. The sanction imposed by the provincial government also includes the obligation to present a plan to recover the affected areas.

The sector known as “Monte Bianco” is a snow park located 20 kilometers from the mountain city of Esquel. It is located on the “La Torta” hill and has a ” high protection status ” due to the high environmental value of its specimens.


The businessman responsible for the felling, which was carried out without authorization from the municipality or the provincial government, has one month to pay the million-dollar fine ordered by the General Directorate of Forestry Policy, an agency that depends on the Bosques del Chubut portfolio.

The investigation began in 2021, when the provincial authorities detected that in the first six months of the year 1,200 specimens of the “lenga” species had been illegally felled , in order to prepare ski slopes and establish parking lots. of vehicles in the snow park.

After detecting the irregularities, the authorities filed a criminal complaint with the Public Prosecutor’s Office. Later, in the investigation process, the environmental damage caused was considered “highly serious”, since it represents an infraction of National Law 26,331, also known as the Law of Native Forests .

Project to modify the Law of Native Forests

President Alberto Fernández promised in March of this year that he would send Congress a project to modify the Law of Native Forests , in order to strengthen the National Fire Management Plan and the advancement of a National Forestation Plan.

In the current national regulations, the minimum budgets that must be allocated to environmental protection and the parameters for the sustainable management of native forests are established.

In turn, the President recalled during his speech at the opening of ordinary sessions that during the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Glasgow, Argentina increased its commitment to limit greenhouse gas emissions and committed to achieving carbon neutrality in 2050.

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