In La Pampa, Electricity Increases By 10% And Will Be Paid In The October Bills

Within the framework of what was agreed by the Review Commission of the Comprehensive Tariff System -in the month of June- between representatives of the government of La Pampa and the Pampean Federation of Cooperatives (Fepamco), the costs are updated, based on August consumption, of electrical service.


The increase includes the increase in the cost of energy determined by the national government, which the Provincial Energy Administration (APE) must assume to acquire the energy required by the users of the Orovincia, and the updating of the distribution costs that they have. electricity service cooperatives.



The increase will be paid from the month of October 2022 (August consumption), according to category and level of consumption and will represent an estimated impact on the final bill of users in the province of between 8.52% and 10.44%.

The work of the Tariff Review Commission is focused on achieving a tariff scheme that contemplates the reasonable evolution of the costs inherent to the electricity service, in a gradual, progressive, reasonable and predictable way for the users of the Pampas.

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