Japan’s ruling party elected ex diplomat of Japan Fumino Kishida as new Prime Minister of the country. Kishida is former foreign minister belonging to Hiroshima family of politician.

PM Yoshihide Suga has stepped down due poor crisis communication by Covid pandemic after serving only one year taking leadership last September. PM Fumino Kishida finished the race of election by only one vote ahead of famous vaccination chief Taro Kono in a runoff to finally achieve a job he has long targeted.

PM Kishida has pledged to work majorly on new pandemic and economic development by moving away from the neo-liberal economics and to reduce economic inequality in the country.

He assures to set himself apart from the unwanted response got from pandemic by learning lessons from measures taken by previous government and their failure to tackle the situation.

PM Kishida aims to enhance growth and distribution under his leadership. He said only big and prominent companies had benefited under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who was longest-serving Prime Minister of Japan.

By Ulhas