La Pampa: The Infant Mortality Rate Was Reduced by 65.5% in Two Years

La Pampa: The Infant Mortality Rate Was Reduced by 65.5% in Two Years

La Pampa: The Infant Mortality Rate Was Reduced by 65.5% in Two Years

In La Pampa, the Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) decreased to 4.72 per thousand live births in 2021, compared to 2019, a year that had been located at 7.2 per thousand live births, reported the Ministry of Health . This represents an IMR reduction of 65.5%. The index reveals a marked decrease in the absolute number of deaths in children under one year of age.

The figures arise from the different data sources of the Ministry of Health of La Pampa, where 3,603 live births were recorded for the year 2021. In this period, 17 deaths occurred, representing an infant mortality rate of 4.72.

These data compared to those reported in 2019, when 4,143 live births and 27 deaths were recorded; generating an IMR of 7.2 (per 1,000 live births), they show a significant decrease in infant deaths.

This notable decrease in infant mortality is a direct consequence of a comprehensive government management, in which concrete and articulated actions were carried out, such as the implementation of programs, work in the territory and an important interaction between the State and the community, with the objective of favoring the health of pregnant women and children, in this case, those under one year of age.



The indices that are disclosed today are the product of interministerial work in which the different government portfolios with responsibility act with the professionalism and commitment that the subject requires.

Some of the actions implemented were the digitization of the Perinatal Clinical History and the implementation of the Nacer 365 Telemedicine program, which allows generating early warning of pregnancy at risk throughout the province, its remote assistance and the transfer to the complexity center for a timely care.

The implementation of CSE (Comprehensive Sexual Education) in schools also had a positive impact on this index; the Comprehensive Health Consultancies for children and adolescents throughout the province and the sexual and reproductive health consultancies, where information on modern contraceptive methods is provided and their delivery is facilitated.


Guaranteed access to the ILE / IVE Laws (Legal Interruption and Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy), was another actor that had a direct impact on the decrease in the number of unwanted pregnancies in adolescents. Training of health teams with the aim of providing an equitable and timely response.

All these actions of government management are manifested in strategies designed, created and intended for the members of the community.



La Pampa recorded notable progress in reducing infant mortality in children under 1 year of age, revealing an index of 4.72 per thousand live births.

According to comparative data, countries such as Cuba, (which is characterized by having the lowest infant mortality rate in Latin America and the Caribbean), has an Infant Mortality Rate of 4.9 (per thousand live births) while the United States indicates an IMR 5.28 (per thousand live births).

The articulated work between the Government of the province and the community is a path that will continue to be deepened to improve these transcendental indices, guaranteeing the right to timely health.

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