Latest Headlines in the Gaming Industry to Keep an Eye On

Latest Headlines in the Gaming Industry to Keep an Eye On

Latest Headlines in the Gaming Industry to Keep an Eye On

PUBG Mobile to Host Virtual Concert of K-pop Group Blackpink

July 2022: PUBG Mobile, a smartphone-based battle royale shooter announced that it is planning to host the first virtual concert by the end of this month featuring Blackpink, the best-selling K-pop girl group.

It can be considered to be one of the latest examples of a popular video game moving into virtual events. As compared to its competitor Fortnite that has previously hosted concerts by the likes of Ariana Grande and Travis Scott, PUBG is not known for such activities. However, the company wanted to broaden its presence in the ever-evolving world.

Players will soon be able to get access to tickets free of cost in-game from 15th July. A large number of concerts are expected to take place in the game from 23rd to 24th July, as well as 30th to 31st July. But players must download a special assets pack in the game in advance to be a viewer of the concert.

The company has still not disclosed information about how the concert will be staged. However, players are assuming that special avatars for every Blackpink member will be developed for the same. PUBG Mobile players are anticipated to get hold of eye-catching outfits that are worn by the band from 23rd July and can wear them on the battlefield till 31st August.

Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani Signs an Exclusive Deal with YouTube Gaming

July 2022: YouTube, the video and streaming giant, declared that YouTube Gaming has signed an exclusive agreement with Ali “Myth” Kabbani. Kabbani is a very popular Valorant and Fortnite player and the new deal was announced in a video declaring that it was ‘his’ choice.

Kabbani’s deal was accelerated by Loaded, a renowned talent agency that has previously landed TimTheTatman and DrLupo on YouTube. The company has also helped video streamer LilyPichu to sign an exclusive deal with YouTube. YouTube has signed similar deals with both the Overwatch and Call of Duty esports leagues.

GameStop Launches New Non-fungible Token (NFT) Marketplace

July 2022: GameStop, a leading video game, gaming merchandise, and consumer electronics retailer based in the U.S., introduced its innovative non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace. The company wants to reinvent its business and keep up with the trend of using blockchain technology and crypto among customers. There are already 236 NFT collections and 53,300 NFTs listed on the company website.

The new marketplace is a Ethereum, non-custodial Layer 2-based marketplace that houses collections from other marketplaces, including OpenSea. It was developed on the Loopring and users will now be able to connect numerous crypto wallets to the website, including the GameStop Wallet.

The company aims to expand its offering of online products and digital services with the launch of its new marketplace. It is also focusing on following the footsteps of various other firms who ventured into the market before the expansion of NFTs faded as the popular crypto markets came under pressure.


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