Netflix’s Resident Evil Season 1 Spoiler-free Review

Netflix’s Resident Evil Season 1 Spoiler-free Review

Netflix’s Resident Evil Season 1 Spoiler-free Review

Resident Evil is back with a bang in all new live-action. However, instead of hitting the big screen, the unique adaptation in Camcom’s franchise is another Netflix original TV show mainly aimed at Albert Wesker, the classic series villain. The excellent acting blended with a superb plot that fits into the wildly convoluted and ever-evolving timeline made for an engaging watch for the biggest Resident Evil fans. But, the show may be tricky to sell for newcomers and casual fans.

Resident Evil has been divided into two timelines, one set in 2036- fourteen years after a deadly virus leads to a global outbreak focusing on an older Jane who tries to find out a cure while evading the Umbrella Corporation. The second one is set in 2022 and it focuses on Albert Wesker and his half-twin daughters named Jade and Billie who recently shifted to New Raccoon City.

The events of the games provided in the Resident Evil franchise, especially the Raccoon City outbreak which was the highlight of Resident Evil 1-3 and Resident Evil 5 all play a significant role in the new series. But, the series has done a great job of precipitating the game’s biggest plot points, yet still narrating an original tale. It most probably won’t be very exciting for newcomers while the call-outs are no doubt entertaining for diehard fans and casuals. Looking up a quick recap of the story present in the games is recommended for newcomers to improve viewing experience.

Though if you are a diehard fan of the franchise, you will be delighted to know that Resident Evil does a great job attaching itself to the video games, apart from including a handful of remarkable enemy types.

Throughout the first season, various nods to the games can be seen, such as a person saying how they were the ‘master of unlocking’ to Jade and Billie engaging in some detective work, which reminded a lot of a few of the puzzles you would expect from a Resident Evil video game.

The new TV show has not destroyed the original story, keeping into consideration the plot summary and initial teasers that surely had left the biggest Resident Evil fans confused as how Albert Wesker died in 2009 was also the protagonist of this series. As for his two daughters, the story is nothing short of what an audience would anticipate from one of the notable villains in the franchise and Umbrella, the evil corporation.

The 2022 timeline in the show is set in the New Raccoon City which is developed from the ground beneath the ashes of the original city. It is a well-planned city that includes employees of Umbrella Corporation and their families, with their own fire and police departments controlled by the organization.

Lance Reddick who played Wesker has done a phenomenal job, however, he seemed odd initially. Paola Núñez who played Evelyn Marcus, the CEO of Umbrella Corporation, too has provided a standout performance.

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