North Korea has claimed to have fired short-range missile named ‘Hwasong-8′ on Tuesday. According to state media, the projected missile is launched into waters off the east coast of the Korean Peninsula and it was one of the “five most important” new weapon systems in five-year development plan of the country. They consider it to be a “strategic weapon” as it has nuclear capabilities.

South Korea’s Defence Ministry’s spokesperson Boo Seung-chan said in a statement that the Pyongyang’ missile test was “regrettable for happening at a time when political stability on the Korean Peninsula is very critical.”

Japan’s Prime Minister Suga also confirmed to new agency that the North Korea has launched short-range missile. Pyongyang is restricted from testing nuclear weapons under international policies of United Nations.

The US-Indo Pacific commands deployed in South Korea and Japan expressed concerned over the act and said that the launch did not affect US or its allies but it is a “destabilizing impact” of North Korea’s illegal nuclear weapons testing activities.

North Korea in defence said that missile programs were preventing measures to tackle with conflict in Korean Peninsula by serving as a “reliable deterrent”.

By Ulhas