Nutrition On Radio 5: Fruit is No Longer The Vedete Of Food

Nutrition On Radio 5 Fruit is No Longer The Vedete Of Food

Nutrition On Radio 5 Fruit is No Longer The Vedete Of Food

The Bachelor of Nutrition, Romina Capra, made another week her column on the air of Radio 5, this time it was to explain to us what happens in our body when we decide to eat fruits, and in turn, she recommended which ones we can eat and at what times it is permitted. Spoiler alert, at night you can’t.


During his time on Radio 5, Romi commented, “Fruit is no longer the star of the diet, they always gave us several fruits to eat during the day, and currently there are many studies that show what fructose generates and we that we work in health, we see it daily with the laboratories, with body composition measurements and the impact that this has with the fruit”.


When we say fruitful, many of us panic because we do not understand the real meaning of the word and its consequences in the body, but the Lic. was in charge of explaining it in a very simple way: “We always propose that each person is going to place fruit in your diet depending on the goal you want to achieve, but our body has a correct schedule for metabolizing fruit, which is between 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. This is the right time where the body knows what to do with the fructose. to know that our body during sleeping hours burns fat as long as there is nothing that interrupts that process, and generally that process is interrupted by a fructokinase that is an enzyme that needs the fructose of the fruit to be metabolized,So we are making macanas when we eat a fruit at night because we interrupt this process that the body has to burn fat while we sleep”.


In reference to the types of fruit, according to Romina, what is most recommended is the consumption of red fruits, “below are the kiwis, in third place, we can put some lemon and below we put apples, peaches and pears that have concentration every 100 grams of about 14 grams of carbohydrates, and very close with 20 grams of carbohydrates the banana They are not prohibited, but one has to see the state of health of each one and we will see at what time of the day we are going to place the consumption of the fruit, always respecting the hours from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.


Regarding the ending, he answered the question of a listener in the morning of 5xSemana who consulted on fruit as squeezed juices and commented, “squeezing the orange or tangerine is much worse than eating it in segments, because by squeezing it you get the little amount of fiber it has and the pancreatic impact is going to be much greater”.


If you want to know more about this change of life in our city, you can find Lic. Romina Capra in her office at Morea laboratories, on Calle 16 N°740, call 2302 – 369709 or write to her through Instagram as Lic. Roman Capra.

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