Pampeana Will Participate In A Contest Of Living Statues In Hungary

Pampeana Will Participate In A Contest Of Living Statues In Hungary

Pampeana Will Participate In A Contest Of Living Statues In Hungary

The Araucanian artist based in Bahía Blanca, Micaela Forestier Schenkel, will once again participate in the living statues contest at the Stiget Festival in Budapest (Hungary).

The competition will be from August 10 to 15 and will represent Argentina with its show Jaime Juventud. Whoever wins will receive a prize of one thousand euros and will be selected for the World Cup that will take place in the Netherlands in October. In Budapest, Micaela will not only share with other living statues from other parts of the world, but also with artists such as Justin Bieber, Dua Lipa, Arctic Monkeys, among others.


The 28-year-old was yesterday in Jacinto Arauz visiting her parents before traveling and also, with the humility and kindness that characterizes her, she spoke with La Arena about her profession, but also about the solidarity of the group she is part of in Bahia White.


I studied theater teaching and acting technique in Bahía Blanca, luckily I work in that, as an actress, I am dedicating myself to that and to cultural management, we are managing the ‘La Panadería’ cultural center in Bahía Blanca, in Lamadrid 544 and this year we celebrate the 10th Anniversary. I am also always on tour, I am a living statue, which is the new thing that I have incorporated in the last four years and I loved it, my idea was that, receive me and travel the world».


After participating in the Budapest festival with her work “Mapamundica, la exploradora” in 2019, shortly after the pandemic arrived that complicated everything. «We have activity every day, we are full, in the pandemic it was difficult, we made bread for picnic areas, people donated money and with that we bought, some donated milk, others the flour, we made small work groups and we made the bread, then the picnickers came to look for them, “he said.

Hungary 2022.

Without letting go of a little excitement and anxiety, Micaela said that she is now going to Hungary. «On Saturday I am going to Buenos Aires and on Monday I am going there, first I pass through Portugal where on the 5th, 6th and 7th I have a festival, there I am going to go with «Mapamundica» the explorer, and from August 10 to 15 I’m going to Hungary where there is a living statues championship, where they selected 12 from all over the world, and there I go with my other living statue called Jaime Juventud and whoever wins goes to the world of living statues that will be in Holland in October and also you will win a thousand euros».

Why Jaime Youth?

Jaime Youth, arises from observing colleagues for a long time, some as they grew, others as they advanced in age, in the cultural center we have colleagues who are 85 years old, we live together people of different ages, in 10 years we all changed, so I asked myself that old age was for me, that suddenly I saw different types of old age, so Jaime’s concept is the youth of old age, but also old age with its pain, with its emotions, with its anger.


What happens in those five days?

This championship is part of a great festival called Stiget, which took place 29 years ago in Budapest, on an island, it’s incredible because about 500,000 people go every day, more than 700 artists work, in the morning there is yoga, there is an ancient theater, a contemporary theater, an ancient circus, a contemporary one, like seven giant stages, the interventions that you imagine are there.


In Bahia they come back with a meeting?

The meeting of living statues in Bahía Blanca will be on November 12 and 13 at the municipal theater, there will be 10 living statues from different parts of the country, perhaps some from abroad, the theme this year is artists in commitment to the environment environment, it will be related to that, there will be forums, among other things.

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