Pico Technological Pole: Call For Knowledge Economy Ventures

Pico Technological Pole Call For Knowledge Economy Ventures

Pico Technological Pole Call For Knowledge Economy Ventures

The CITIA Agency presented the first call for companies related to the Knowledge Economy. The call has two categories. The first is oriented towards ideas or the start-up of projects and the second towards start-up companies. In this first stage, it is planned to incubate four projects corresponding to the first category and another two to that of existing companies; although it can increase depending on the presentations.


The Pampean Agency for Science, Technology and Open Innovation (Citia Agency) launched the call for those who have business ideas related to the Knowledge Economy and wish to give it the form of entrepreneurship, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the Scientific and Technological Pole that works in General Peak.


The announcement was opened by the executive director of the Pampean Agency for Science, Technology and Open Innovation, Verónica Duarte, accompanied by the Agency’s Government Director, Fernando Stachiotti, and the Administrative Director, Facundo Rosales.


At the beginning, Duarte made a presentation of the CITIA Agency, its objectives and projections and highlighted the achievement of the government of La Pampa through the Ministry of Production.


“The agency is designed to promote and generate everything that you have to do with the promotion and encouragement of initiatives that support the scientific-technological system of the Province,” he said.



Fernando Stachiotti announced the call for ideas, projects or ventures already in operation, with a technology base that can be added to the advantages represented by the La Pampa Scientific and Technological Pole.


Ideas or projects related to the knowledge economy can include topics such as software development, hardware, biotechnology, robotics, agrotechnology, health technology, etc.


Presentations may be made until August 22 on the site www.citialapampa.ar where you will find the bases and conditions. A pre-selection of companies will be carried out and then the process ends on September 28 with the announcement of the companies selected to integrate the pole.


“Joining the Scientific and Technological Pole means that they will have the benefits that it has: facilities, infrastructure, advice, in different areas, strategic, management, to access market financing. In short, develop the company”, highlighted Stachiotti.

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