Pre and Post workout meal plays crucial role in achieving positive results of the workout. Study says pre and post workout meals are important for “anabolic window” which is short time period when muscles are recovering and repairing after training.

Pre-workout meal helps to boost energy with proper supply of nutrients need for peak performance during workout. On the other hand, post workout meal helps in refueling after exercising. It is a struggle to figure out what to eat before and after workout but worth to find out. Here are some meals and snacks which will help to maximize the benifits of all your hard work:

Pre-workout Nutrition:
It is recommended to eat 1-2 hour before you begin workout. Calorie count should be between 300-500 of healthy carbohydrate food. Try not eat meals right before you begin a workout. Skipping eating before workout can make you feel dizzy and nauseated.

Here are some pre-workout snacks:
1) Fruits (such as Apple, Banana, Pear, pineapple, berries, kiwi)
2) 1 cup of cottage cheese with fruit
3) Oatmeal with whey protein
4) Rice cake
5) Sweet potatoes
6) Whole grain bread
7) nuts

Post-workout Nutrition:
There is “2 hour protein rule”. According to research, consuming protein after workout helps to repair and recover muscles by increasing muscle size and strength. Hence, post workout meal helps to prevent protein breakdown and spikes protein synthesis to a greater extent. It is recommended to take 20 gm of protein within 2 hours of workout.

Here are some post-workout snacks:
1) Apple smoothie
2) Green protein smoothie
3) Protein pancakes
4) Oatmeal
5) whey protein,
6) Fruits
7) Almonds
8) Grilled chicken with roasted vegetables and rice

Consuming proper amount of carbs, fibres and protein is essential to benefit positive results of the workout. And last but not the least, drinking plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and maximize the benefits of your workout is necessary.

By Ulhas