Salvation Or Chaos: Massa And Pampean Peronism

Salvation Or Chaos: Massa And Pampean Peronism

Salvation Or Chaos: Massa And Pampean Peronism

Sergio Massa has not yet taken office as “superminister” but the political scene has changed in recent days. At least the politician, because the economic crisis continues galloping. The appointment of the tigrense calmed the stormy waters of recent weeks, in which it seemed that collapse was imminent, and gave the Front of All a break.

In the Peronism of La Pampa, Massa will not be the most loved, but the feeling is that everyone puts chips for him to do well. They consider that it is the last opportunity to arrive armed, and with some chance, to the presidential elections of 2023. The plants of La Cámpora close to the vice president reported last week when they were consulted in off-air that the national scene was one of chaos and they did not see a exit. Now at least there is a respite, brief, but sure. The dollar fell, and quite a lot, while waiting for the first measures.

Federal Peronism, meanwhile, has to sustain itself before a national government that had no direction and that ended up opening the door to the Tigrense for lack of alternatives. Governor Sergio Ziliotto had been one of the Peronist leaders who had met with the president last Tuesday and had demanded substantive measures. It was a “rough” meeting. In fact, the governors put Alberto Fernández on the ropes.

Ziliotto came to ask him for a project to get out of the crisis, which includes all sectors, especially the countryside, which had become even more unnerved by the soybean dollar. From the provinces, a serious change was demanded in the face of a government that reaped a 70% negative image. “Peronism is the one that wins”, is one of the maxims of Peronism, and the president had been losing it.

A survey of Córdoba and Zubán released over the weekend indicated that 60% of those surveyed understood that Alberto Fernández should make a total change of cabinet, before the arrival of Massa. The consultants analyzed that with the arrival of the new “super minister” we are facing “a new political and economic scenario, a change in the rules of the debate between the opposition and the ruling party that not everyone seems to have decoded until now. It may be the birth of a new logic in political centrality.

The opposition seems to believe that it can attack Sergio Massa with the same weapons that they have so far used against Alberto Fernández and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. It doesn’t seem like the smartest move.”

In this sense, Massa generates some confidence in the circles of power to order the economy, but there is also some skepticism.

From La Pampa there are also two views: on the one hand, a criticism that warns that the recipe for an adjustment could be increased that could affect the province and society as a whole, hit by inflation; on the other, a positive one that can boost the economy of the core zone, which is clear from his first statements in which he assumed a productivist profile and with a nod to the countryside.

Similarly, the appointment of Massa gave some peace of mind, but society is impatient and needs to see results and concrete actions. The super minister will not have a honeymoon. “The rules have changed, the urgency remains”, analyze Córdoba and Zubán.

Letter P, for its part, understands that there is a massista “spring” taking place these days that gave the government a couple of days of bonanza in economic, financial and social expectations, but that it will not last: Massa will have to “spend the winter” to get to the end of the year as well as possible, and especially to 2023.

In La Pampa they look cautiously at what is to come. Salvation or chaos seem to be the only two extreme options.

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