After Taliban took control over Afghanistan, India had stopped all commercial flights between India and Afghanistan from 15 August. According to first official communication, Taliban’s Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan is requesting India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to restart flights between two countries.

India had halted all commercial flights when Taliban walked into Kabul. India rescued hundreds of citizens and foreigners from Afghanistan under the mission “Operation Devi Shakti” in co-operation with the Air force and commercial airlines.

Last week, Taliban has also requested other countries to resume airlines in Afghanistan by promising to co-operate and assures to have resolved the problems occurred at Kabul airport.

In a statement, Taliban spokesperson Abdul Qahar Balikhi said that due to suspension of airlines by other countries Afghans are stranded in the country and prevented from traveling for work and studies abroad.

As of now, only few numbers of aid and passenger flights have been operating in Afghanistan. Pakistan became the first country to resume international commercial flight in and out of the Afghanistan on September 13.

By Ulhas