Talks and activities at the Provincial Botanical Garden

Talks and activities at the Provincial Botanical Garden

Talks and activities at the Provincial Botanical Garden

The General Directorate of Natural Resources of La Pampa together with the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences of the UNLPam, informed the new schedules to participate in the cycle of talks and activities in the Provincial Botanical Garden.

Deputy director of Fauna, Adriana García Said – “The talks are intended for the whole family, especially considering the period of the winter school break. The purpose is to spread the importance of conserving natural resources, be it the native forest, the yellow cardinal, among others”,


On Wednesday 20, at 2:00 p.m., they will give a talk on the conservation of the yellow cardinal in La Pampa, by the biologist María Emilia Rebollo.

The professional is part of a collaborative group that works on the conservation of the yellow cardinal (Gubernatrix cristata), an endangered bird that inhabits La Pampa.

The main threats are the illegal traffic of individuals for pets, given their splendid song and beauty, added to the loss and destruction of their habitat.

In this framework, the speaker will share the advances in research to assess the population status and analyze the main threats in La Pampa, and thus be able to establish effective conservation actions for the species and its native environments.


On Thursday 21 -at 2:00 p.m.- this meeting will always be held in order to make the population aware of the importance of caring for and protecting fauna. The activity includes a colloquium talk and a children’s workshop by the Center for the Study and Conservation of Birds of Prey in Argentina (UNLPam).


On Friday the 22nd -at 2:00 p.m.- Walter Muiño will be in charge of this activity that proposes to rescue the caldenal.

The caldenal is a forest whose most important representative and the one that gives the landscape its appearance is the caldén, but in addition to this species, many other plants coexist in this forest that also give it a particular identity.

As a natural heritage of all the Pampas, it is necessary that the inhabitants of the Province know its aspects and ecosystem.

“We will take some time to share knowledge of the plants that make up the natural forest of the Provincial Botanical Garden and the meaning and importance they have had for the human communities that inhabit and have inhabited this territory” In this walk -said the teacher.

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