The Charges or The Street? Timekeepers and in a Hurry in the Pampean Peronism

The Charges or The Street Timekeepers and in a Hurry in the Pampean Peronism

The Charges or The Street Timekeepers and in a Hurry in the Pampean Peronism

In La Pampa Peronism the debate is beginning to take place over the upcoming electoral assembly. Although it is still missing and there are no definitions of the provincial schedule that will surely unfold from the national one. We had said in this column that July was going to be the moment for some sectors to position themselves thinking about 2023. And we were not exaggerating.

In recent days this trend has increased. Not on the side of the majority Plural Line, which stretches the times and waits for the moment of definitions to come without major movements. Both Governor Sergio Ziliotto and the driver of the line, Carlos Verna, remain silent. They are the timers. They have the power to make the central decisions in the entire army and will delay them as long as they can. For Ziliotto’s part, his sights are set on management. Why rush? There is an economic and social crisis, the social mood is down and the national government falls in the polls. In addition, the lack of definition acts as a restraint on the claims of others and prevents premature conflicts.

This situation exasperates those who are far from the definitions and want to rush the times. Winifreda’s mayor, Adriana García, is in this platoon and seeks to make her opinion known through the media. There are some plural intendants who also anxiously await a signal. Or be taken into account in decisions. Others in the plural try to sneak information into the media seeking to deepen internal differences, an agreement could leave them without places.

This situation is also noted in other lines of Pampean Peronism that want to generate debate in the media. Marinism is pressing not to lose ground and tries to show that it maintains it. There was an incursion into Pico, vernista territory, where they went to make a stand with the presence of former governor Rubén Marín; and photos with activities in neighborhoods of Santa Rosa, territory of the camporista management.

La Cámpora does not want to be left out either. María Luz Alonso made her public relations excursion visiting mayors; and then the mayor of Santa Rosa, Luciano Di Nápoli, launched that his sector should have the vice-government. The same place that fights marineism.

Faced with these public positions of leaders who intend to dispute places in the face of 2023, there are others who see these expressions as extemporaneous. Fights that are outside the management of the provincial government. And above all that they do not take into account the “stick” of public opinion and the general malaise of the people who have to face days of economic distress. Legitimate claims, sure; that can be frowned upon at the moment by citizens, too.

In recent days it was another line, Peronist Identity, which, faced with this scenario posed by those sectors that hasten the times, launched the cryptic phrase “heal Peronism from leadership maturity.” It was a shot by elevation to the discussions of charges and a claim of responsibility in times of crisis. The axis of this position is that it is time to accompany the provincial government and have our eyes set on the street to listen to their claims. And qa electoral situation will come.

Meanwhile, the timekeepers wait calmly and the others want to speed up the times so as not to be left empty-handed. Months of debate are coming in Pampas Peronism.

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