The Journalist Juan Carlos Carassay Received The Diploma Of Honor From The Senate Of The Nation

The Journalist Juan Carlos Carassay Received The Diploma Of Honor From The Senate Of The Nation

The Journalist Juan Carlos Carassay Received The Diploma Of Honor From The Senate Of The Nation

The Pampean journalist Juan Carlos Carassay yesterday received the “Diploma of Honor” from the Senate of the Nation, in an emotional act held at the Santa Rosa Penal Sports Club, which was attended by a large number of personalities from the sport of all the times.

The recognition was made based on an initiative of the Pampean senator Daniel Kroneberger, with the aim of highlighting the work of the Pampean journalist and broadcaster in more than 50 years of experience.


The distinction was carried out within the framework of the activities carried out and supervised by the Events Directorate of the National Senate, which provides for the delivery of diplomas of honor to prominent personalities and institutions in different areas of our country, the newspaper La Arena published. .



In a gym full of athletes from different disciplines and from all eras, Kroneberger took the floor to highlight Carassay’s work, highlighting the moments experienced thanks to the radio and the journalist’s stories, especially those related to soccer and boxing.

In his turn, Carassay was excited and grateful to all those present. He highlighted the value of recognition and involved each of the sports personalities who accompanied him in his 52-year career, “because without his great performances it would have been impossible” to complete such a career.

Among all the athletes, trainers, collaborators and leaders who were in the gym, Carassay especially highlighted the presence of Abel “Cacho” Otero, a Pampas boxing master, responsible for teaching him the secrets of this sport that the rapporteur knew how to transmit so well.

Then there was a moment to remember, in which the journalist reviewed an innumerable number of photographs that summarized his extensive career. Finally, Kroneberger presented him with the “Diploma of Honor” awarded by the Senate, to the applause of the entire gym.



Carassay, born in Anguil, has been in the area of ​​sports journalism and hosting programs of general interest for 52 years. He began in 1969 to take his first steps in sports journalism, when he approached Alfredo Dalmiro Otálora, in his desire to become a sports reporter, and began working at Propaladora Argentina.

Then he went through “Horizonte Deportivo” on Radio Nacional, and in 1971 and until 1994, he worked at LU33 Emisora ​​Pampeana, where he was a commercial announcer, editor-announcer, Head of the Information Service and the Sports Department.

He has been hosting sports programs on Pampa TV, Channel 3, Channel 6 Community and Cablevisión Santa Rosa and General Pico for 37 years. Among them, “El Invitado” stands out, a cycle of general interest and sports stories, which has been on the air for 24 years.

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