The Most Effective Way To Prevent Sun Tan Is Avoiding Direct Sun Exposure To Sunlight

Harsh sun in summer, a day on the beach, tropical vacations often leads to skin tanning. The most effective way to prevent sun tan is avoiding direct sun exposure to sunlight. But it is not always practically possible for a person to walk under the shade and avoide sun exposure.

Here are some quick detanning hacks to reduce sun tan and make skin tone even is the coolest skincare hack you will read about today. However, you should know it doesn’t make you fair.

Home remedies

1. Honey and Lemon
Squeeze one lemon to extract juice. Add one spoon honey in it. Rub the juice onto the stain you wish to get rid off.
Lemon is know for natural bleaching agent to remove tan. And honey has healing properties.

2. Turmeric and milk
Turmeric and milk mixture is an amazing tan removal remedy for dry skin as it is very nourishing. Take a bowl of milk, add turmeric powder to it and apply with a ball of cotton.

3. Potato
Grind a potato to extract the juice. Apply potato juice on affected area. You can also directly rub potato peel to remove sun tan.

4. Coffee and Honey
Take two tablespoon of coffee powder in a bowl. Add a tablespoon of honey and few drops of lemon in it. Mix this mixture well to make fine paste. Apply this paste on affected area and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Wash the paste with lukewarm water.

You can prevent sun tanning by limiting sun exposure during peak hours. In addition, wear gloves, mask and sunglasses while riding a bike, or in the outdoors.

By Ulhas