The New Family Court And The Judicial Management Office Are Launched In Santa Rosa

The New Family Court And The Judicial Management Office Are Launched In Santa Rosa

The New Family Court And The Judicial Management Office Are Launched In Santa Rosa

This Monday, the new Family, Children and Adolescents Court No. 3 and the Judicial Management Office for the Family, Children and Adolescents Courts will be put into operation in the area of ​​the First Judicial District, with seats in Santa Rosa.

The opening of the court will serve to decompress the daily work of the other two, since a third of the cases that are currently processed in them will be reassigned to Court No. 3. Last year, Courts 1 and 2 entered 1,830 cases , which meant 17 percent of the total cases admitted in all civil jurisdiction in the four judicial districts in which the province is divided.


With respect to the creation of the Office of Judicial Management (OGJ) it will mean a substantial change in management since it will be in charge of administrative matters related to the three courts of jurisdiction. For this, all the personnel of these courts – with the exception of those who are designated to form part of the Single Criminal Secretariat of the Family, Children and Adolescent Courts (SPU) – will work there and perform functions in the five units in which divided the Office (three dispatch units, one for primary care and one for hearings).


There will also be a subunit, called Technical Teams (SUET), which will be made up of the technical teams of each court and will function in a unified manner.


The OGJ will be a single and common body to the courts of the jurisdiction and its objectives will be to manage the material resources, the personnel and the administrative and jurisdictional processes, assisting in the management and processing of the cases admitted.

The Office will be headed by a coordinator and its specific functions were determined by agreement 3850 of the Superior Court of Justice: a) plan, organize, direct and control the work processes and resources of the three courts to improve the quality of the justice service; b) assist magistrates in the jurisdictional function throughout the judicial process; c) carry out the administrative management of material and human resources; d) coordinate and manage institutional actions with internal and external bodies to the Judiciary, to establish efficient interaction mechanisms; and e) unify jurisdictional criteria in the clearance process.


What is sought, as happened with the Judicial Office in the criminal sphere and with the Management Office in the civil jurisdiction, is that there be a flexible organization that allows ensuring “a dynamic, efficient and effective functioning” of the courts, ” under the premises of teamwork, management responsibility, coordination, cooperation, control and supervision”.


Also on Monday, the SPU will be launched, which will unify the criminal secretariats of the three courts and will provide common assistance to the magistrates of the jurisdiction in the First Circumscription.

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