The University Diploma In Diabetic Foot Begins At The FCEyN

The University Diploma In Diabetic Foot Begins At The FCEyN

The University Diploma In Diabetic Foot Begins At The FCEyN

On Monday, August 1, the Higher University Diploma in Comprehensive Management of the Diabetic Foot will begin to be taught virtually, organized jointly by the Diabetic Foot Committee of the Argentine Diabetes Society (SAD) and the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences (FCEyN) of the UNLPam.


It is a training path approved by Resolution 417/22 of the Board of Directors of the Faculty, aimed at the Health Team and graduates of Health Sciences such as Medicine, Kinesiology, Graduates and Graduates in Podiatry and Nursing, and University Nursing of the FCEyN.


The proposal aims to “provide tools for choosing the best decisions based on the knowledge learned, the availability of resources and the characteristics of the population” in order to “improve the care of patients with diabetic foot in different areas of health and in the different stages of the disease to reduce the complications associated with this pathology (amputation and death)”, as stipulated in Resolution 417/22.


The dictation will be virtual and will last 170 hours distributed over five months. The meetings will be coordinated by doctor Mabel Carrio and doctors Rubén Saurral and Jorge Luis Olivares.

To register, it is necessary to send the curriculum vitae to the organizers and have access to technological means that allow the virtual course to be sustained.

Registration Links

Pre-registration can be done from this link; Registration can be done from this email ; and from the SAD website:

In the case of graduates or teachers of the National University of La Pampa, they must send their request to the email in order to receive a discount on the registration cost. They must accompany some proof that proves such condition.

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