They Presented The VI Edition Of The General Pico Film Festival In CABA

They presented the VI edition of the General Pico Film Festival in CABA

They presented the VI edition of the General Pico Film Festival in CABA

With the motto “see movies at the movies”, the 6th edition of the General Pico Film Festival was presented in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CABA), which will take place from September 1 to 7. The exhibition is organized by the Italian Mutual Aid Association of September XX, with the support of the Government of La Pampa and the Federal Investment Council (CFI).

The press conference took place yesterday at the CFI headquarters and was headed by the mayor of General Pico, Fernanda Alonso; the Secretary of Culture of La Pampa, Adriana Lis Maggio; the president of the General Pico Film Festival, Jorge Epifanio; and the artistic director of the exhibition Pablo Mazzola.


The Pampas Secretary of Culture stressed the importance of having a national film festival in La Pampa, which allows for more and more quality film presentations. “I don’t want to have to come to Buenos Aires to go to the movies. I want to see movies in my province,” said Maggio, while noting that General Pico “was the only city in La Pampa that did not close its movie theaters.”



For her part, Fernanda Alonso thanked the financial support of the Government of La Pampa, the Ministry of Culture and the Federal Investment Council for the realization of the film exhibition in Pico. “The Government of La Pampa did not doubt that part of the funds that it has assigned in the CFI be destined to the cinema”, she indicated.

“The cinema is a very important cultural activity in our city, we have two wonderful rooms and we want to show the country what is happening in General Pico,” he added.



“I had to assume the presidency of the Pico Film Festival in the midst of the pandemic. At that time we considered what to do with the festival because we didn’t want to do a streaming film festival or an online festival. We want to ‘see movies at the movies’, for people to fill the theaters again, that’s why after two years we relaunched the festival with the aim of giving it an international projection, including filmmakers from all over Latin America”, explained Jorge Epifanio.



Meanwhile, the artistic director of the festival, Pablo Mazzola, reported that the programming will be announced on August 10. Although he announced that there are more than 300 registered films from all over the country, which will be screened in the Gran Pampa Cinema and the Pico Theater Cinema.

The 6th edition of the Piquense film festival will feature the categories National Feature Film Competition, Regional Short Film Competition, National Short Film Competition, and Latin American Feature Film Competition. Likewise, as in previous years, parallel shows will be held, such as the Italian Film Showcase, the International Film Showcase, the Children’s Film Project and the Schools Meeting.

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