They Will Invest More Than $225 Million In The Expansion And Refurbishment Of School No. 95

They Will Invest More Than $225 Million In The Expansion And Refurbishment Of School No. 95

They Will Invest More Than $225 Million In The Expansion And Refurbishment Of School No. 95

The Ministry of Works and Public Services announced the award, to the company BK Construcciones, of the expansion and refurbishment work of School 95 “República de Francia” in the city of Santa Rosa, with an estimated investment of $225,031,556 and a working term of 450 days.

The reference work consists of several sectors of intervention, for which it is planned to plan its progress in such a way that it does not interfere with the normal development of school activities.

The sectors to intervene include the total remodeling of the building, the demolition of the existing JIN, remodeling of the Multipurpose Room (SUM) sector and exterior spaces.

The planning of this work proposes an integral intervention in the entire building and a reorganization of its functions.



On Bonnet Street and forming part of the façade, there is a construction of a different architectural style, where JIN 5 works, which will be demolished to make way for constructions that improve the functionality of the primary level educational establishment.

Meanwhile, JIN 5 will be relocated to the new building located at Esmeralda and Donatti in the city of Santa Rosa, which is about to be completed. Thus, the youngest, teaching staff and assistants of that educational level will be able to carry out school activities in this new building, conceived, designed and built especially for that sector.



As for the work that corresponds to School 95, the functionality of the existing axis where two classrooms are located has been proposed, annexing another two larger ones and complementarily resolving the covered patio of the First Cycle, library and playground. In the current toilet sector, a bathroom for the disabled will be built.

The linking circulation of the school with the SUM will be expanded to guarantee a better displacement, a new laboratory space is also proposed.

In the SUM it is going to be demolished in a lateral sector to refunctionalize it and generate a protected access space linked to the public road, complementing it with the incorporation of a deposit for sports equipment.

Emergency exits will be placed in the school building and in the SUM to the central playground, north patio, Dorrego and Jones streets. The perimeter enclosure of the exterior spaces on Dorrego and Bonnet streets will be remodeled.



On the roof, a sheet metal cover will be placed on existing inclined slabs in all sectors, complementing it with the corresponding insulation, while free runoff will be redesigned on flat slabs. Upper protection of the SUM’s sheet metal roof will be carried out, as well as the execution of ceilings.

The interior and exterior carpentry will have a comprehensive renovation with the placement of parasols, replacement of interior and exterior flooring, repair of all the deteriorated walls of the building, exterior plastering of the SUM, interior and exterior repainting of the entire building. In the exterior space, the green area of ​​the property, the existing tree species will be replaced by shrubs.

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