Thousands of People Gathered Yesterday In Plaza Libertad to Sing To The “Mother of Cities”, Who is Celebrating Her 469th Birthday Today



After two years of absence, the vigil for the anniversary of Santiago returned and a crowd participated in the great event

Thousands of people gathered yesterday in Plaza Libertad to sing to the “Mother of Cities”, who is celebrating her 469th birthday today.

The dance, the music, the cultural expressions, the theatrical performances and the games of artificial lights provided an emotional, colorful and spectacular setting for the vigil for the 469 years of Santiago del Estero that took place last night in Plaza Libertad, where thousands of people gathered to sing happy birthday to the “Mother of Cities”.

It was a popular celebration with the presence of a large number of artists who took to the stage after two years of absence due to the pandemic, on a winter night, but with spring temperatures close to 25 degrees.


One of the most emotional moments of the entire staging was the presence of former Malvinas combatants, with a giant Argentine flag that was unfurled on stage, generating applause and emotion from the thousands of people present.


The song “Heroes de Malvinas”, by Ciro y los Persas, which speaks of the suffering and dedication of the combatants, was the framework for this emotional recognition of ex-combatants from Santiago on this city’s birthday.

There was also a space for the Quichua language with two popular folklore songs from Santiago: the “Gatito del Vidalero” and the “Remedio Atamisqueño”.

In other moments of this vigil, the artists made representations that spoke about caring for the environment, the importance of coexistence respecting diversity, peace and love.


Another block was the vision of female empowerment with the background song by Cristina Aguilera (For my girls), followed by “I don’t regret anything” by Edith Piaf, with a message of a society of respect between people and that is built a more equal community.


Finally, there was a projection of the Capital City that is intended to be achieved, centered on the idea of ​​caring for the common home, inclusion and respect for diversity, and the active role of women.


At midnight came the song of the happy birthday and the great closure of Santiago in full chacarera, with the presence of the governor of the province, Gerardo Zamora, the mayor of the city, Norma Fuentes, among other provincial and municipal officials.

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