There are many things to keep on check for baby’s health and development by a mother-to-be. Healthy lifestyle during pregnancy will benefit you and your baby now and in future. Important measures should be taken about the things that may carry a risk to your developing baby. Here are some important to-do things:

• Folic acid – Ideally Folic acid tablets are recommended to take for three months before conception. If pregnant women are late to take folic acid tablets then they can start taking daily until the end of first trimester.

• Vitamin D – Vitmin D is necessary to develop strong bones and teeth of the baby. Daily enough Vitamin D dose helps to regulate the levels of Phosphate and Calcium in your body.

• Physical activity – Staying sedentary is not healthy for you and your baby. Physical inactivity can lead to gastrointestinal diseases, weight gain, varicose veins, gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia and lower back pain. Keep your normal regular physical activity like low impact aerobics, yoga, exercise and walk recommended by your doctor. Listen to your body when feel uncomfortable.

• Eat healthy – When it comes to food, you should be very careful about what you eat. Some food cause allergic reactions and risk of infections. You should avoid uncooked food, raw eggs, food containing mercury, organ meat, caffeine, unpasteurized dairy products and alcohol.

• Sleeping habit –  Sleeping on left side is recommended as it improves circulation for baby. In addition, lying on left side make it easy from your heart to the placenta to provide nutrients to nourish your baby.

• Monitoring Symptoms – Record all the symptoms occuring during pregnancy and contact your doctor when you feel something is wrong.

By Ulhas