Today A New “Cocoliche Meeting” is Held in “La Vieja Parroquia” in Castex

Today A New “Cocoliche Meeting” is Held in “La Vieja Parroquia” in Castex

Today A New “Cocoliche Meeting” is Held in “La Vieja Parroquia” in Castex

The event is a space where different artistic disciplines coexist. It will begin at 9:00 p.m., in the “Old Parroquia” cultural room, with free admission.


The “Cocoliche” is an itinerant meeting that brings together artists from Castile and the area, and takes place every month in different recreational and cultural points of Eduardo Castex.


This time the event will have several scenarios. In one there will be a set of live music, short films will also be screened.

Throughout the event, the artist Alexander Moreira will be painting live and inviting attendees to participate in the work, plays and theatrical performances, contemporary dance, folk dance, balloonology, artistic makeup, poetry jam, a table to take gift books or exchange them, in addition to artisans and fairgrounds.


Fernando Stisin is a young Castense musician and communicator and one of the founding partners of the meeting: «El Cocoliche was born from the desire of a group of independent artists who felt the need to express ourselves and exchange experiences and generate a space for meeting and dialogue with the neighbors,” he explained.


Since December they have been generating activities at different points (House of Culture, Old Parish, Municipal Sports Center, Our Lady of Lujan Chapel) and the acceptance and accompaniment of the public “was a pleasant surprise, but at the same time we expected it because the people are a bit distressed in general and these meetings take you out of the routine and give a little air to that situation.

«The idea is that it is not a conventional show where the «artist-audience» logic is governed, but that we propose an encounter in dialogue, something more similar to a Kermesse or a Variette. We also find it interesting that it is with free admission, open and for all audiences, we are waiting for you », he explained.

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