Two new species of dinosaur have been discovered by Isle of Wight fossil hunters in southern part of England. Researchers think that dinosaurs might be roaming in South of England around 125 million years ago.

This new species has shed light on the predators of dinosaurs. Palaeontologist assumes that one of the carnivorous reptiles like a “hell heron”. Hunting styles of these carnivorous reptiles are somewhat similar to hunting style of fearsome version of the bird.

Three-toed dinosaurs remains were discovered on beach of an Isle of Wight. Two species of dinosaur are given names as Riparovenator milnerae and Ceratosuchops inferodous.

Riparovenator milnerae name for one specie is named to give tribute to famous Palaeontologist Angela Milner, who passed away recently. Ceratosuchops inferodous is called as a “horned crocodile-faced hell heron” because of predator’s heron-like hunting style. These species belong to spinosaurid group of dinosaurs.

Palaeontologist have described the length of specie to be 9m (29ft) and skulls 1m (3ft) long. One of the two species, Riparovenator milnerae is thought to have skull like crocodile.

The collection of about 50 bones were discovered over a period several years on a beach Isle of White and these bones will be kept in Dinosaur Isle Museum in Sandown for display.

The study highlights the evolution of spinosaurids from Europe to dispersing into South America, Africa and Asia.

By Ulhas