Two Pampinta de La Pampa Champions in Palermo

Two Pampinta de La Pampa Champions in Palermo

Two Pampinta de La Pampa Champions in Palermo

The Dona María cabin, the only Pampas participant in the Palermo Rural Exhibition, won two prizes, the great male champion and the reserved champion of the Pampinta breed. The Pampas Cabin is a great place to stay in Buenos Aires with Pampeano and Matador.

“Pampeano”, the great champion Pampinta de Palermo, aged 11 months, weighed 108 kilos and has a scrotal circumference of 37 centimeters, while Matador was the record for the sheep sample with 148 kilos and 41.5 centimeters of scrotal circumference.


The owner of the cabin, Rodolfo Luis Reale, said that it was the eleventh participation in Palermo. “After two years of pandemics, expectations were a little different, depending on how the panorama was going to be. It was a very tough sample in terms of the requirements to enter, there were many animals of all breeds that were rejected. We passed all these filters and today we make the oath ».

Reale explained that “the road to Palermo” began four or five months earlier with a series of requirements that fulfill the function of eliminating the animals that will participate in the oath.

In this sense, he explained that each of the cabins must present the DNA of the animals to “justify paternity”, pass a series of health records, have the documentation of the animals issued by the Rural Society.


Once in the sample, Reale described that “there are also a series of filters” where it is checked that the animal meets the normal parameters, so that “there is no doubt”.

Reale stressed to this newspaper that “it was a satisfaction” the achievements obtained because “the animals were born in the cabin, we saw them grow and develop.”


Producer Said: Palermo is the most important exhibition in the country, in the sheep exhibition we are the only herd from the Pampas and that has a double meaning, because when one arrives at these participations one feels more Pampas than ever, one feels enormous satisfaction, for the animals that are presented we saw them grow and develop in La Pampa, ” And he added: “In a certain way, one takes off the t-shirt from the cabin and puts on the one from La Pampa.” Likewise, he considered that the two winning animals “are of extraordinary quality, the best exponents.”



On the other hand, Reale announced that the two winners will be presented in Santa Rosa at the first national exhibition of pampinta that will take place parallel to the Agricultural and Livestock Exhibition. The owner of Doña María confirmed that cabins from Santa Fe, Córdoba, Buenos Aires, Entre Ríos and La Pampa will be presented. Between 35 and 40 sheep are expected to participate.

Doña María is a Pampas cabin located on Provincial Route 3 between Colonia Barón and Uriburu, dedicated to raising Pampinta and Hampshire Down sheep. They currently breed 150 ampintas and 40 Hampshire Down.

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