What is ‘Food Pairing’ And How Is It Used In The Kitchen

What is 'Food Pairing' And How Is It Used In The Kitchen

What is 'Food Pairing' And How Is It Used In The Kitchen

Food pairing is a successful technique used by professional chefs and cooks to create the best food combinations, with the aim of achieving a creative and innovative menu, but with flavours that really adapt to consumer tastes.


With this technique, food pairing has a scientific basis, since food pairing uses advanced flavour science to analyse and determine the compatibility of different ingredients at the molecular level, as indicated by the registered trademark of Food pairing.



In fact, on a day-to-day basis, anyone is capable of realizing that there are foods that seem to be created to be eaten together, while others simply do not combine and we would not imagine eating them together, not even in a recipe created by the best Chef.


The science of ‘food pairing’ focuses on aroma

This is because there are ingredients that go well together because they share key aromas in common. It is on this point, on aroma, that the science of food pairing is focused : ” 80% of our taste experience is actually defined by our sense of smell, which explains why appetizing ingredient combinations are those that form strong aromatic combinations”, they explain.


In fact, only 20% of the taste experience at mealtime is focused on taste or touch: “Smell or our sense of smell allows us to distinguish up to 10,000 different odor molecules associated with fragrances and aromas”, collected on the aforementioned website.


With this in mind, the science of food pairing looks at which ingredients are complementary, something that happens when they share key aromatic components. Thus, the ingredients are analysed in the laboratory to find out what their specific aromatic profile is and, later, it is compared with more than 1,700 ingredients studied to find out which are the best combinations.

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