Winter Holidays: In La Pampa There is a “Uneven” Tourist Movement

Winter Holidays: In La Pampa There is a "Uneven" Tourist Movement

Winter Holidays: In La Pampa There is a "Uneven" Tourist Movement

Winter Holidays: In La Pampa There is a “Uneven” Tourist Movement:

During the winter break, there was a very uneven balance between tourism players: there are very high hotel occupancy rates during the weekends in some locations and medium levels during the week.

The queries received at the information table of the Ministry of Tourism are varied, but they are mainly related to the search for accommodation, the Luro Park Reserve and the Lihue Calel National Park.

In the Parque Luro Provincial Reserve, there has been a good occupation in the cabins and attention in the restaurant. More than 1,100 tourists were received so far this month, noting that many come from other provinces.

In General Acha, the accommodations had an excellent occupancy level on Saturdays and Sundays, while during the week the average decreases to approximately 40%. An intense movement was noted in the places of services as well as some visits to places of interest.

Guatraché reported good hotel occupancy during the weekend and large attendance of recreationists in the Lagoon. The more than 220 guided visits to the Mennonite Colony reported by the authorized guides stand out.


Tourist stays reported good occupancy, both in their accommodation modality, such as picnics and gastronomy, especially during weekends. This has already become a constant in these times, highlighting the tastes of the demand for rural areas and outdoor activities.

In the Villa Turística Casa de Piedra, there were several visits with good movement in the services sector and people visiting the surroundings.


In General Pico hotel occupancy averaged 60% while daily rental apartments exceeded 65%.

Realicó, being a strategic point in the corridors of tourism, registered an important movement in the national routes Nº35 and Nº 188. The lodgings average a 70% occupation.

In Rancul, hotel occupancy is also at 60%, with full occupancy peaks on weekends.


In Santa Rosa, a very good movement was observed regarding programmed recreational and cultural activities.

During the weekdays, the occupancy percentage drops to 50% on average, although hotel occupancy was full during the two weekends and the projection is also very good for the rest included in the winter vacation period. A lot of traffic was noticed on the routes that cross the Pampas capital.

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