Works on the Blood Bank and Hematology Center Have Been Completed

Works on the Blood Bank and Hematology Center Have Been Completed

Works on the Blood Bank and Hematology Center Have Been Completed

The construction of the Blood Bank and the Hematology Center of the Hospital Gobernador Centeno de General Pico was completed. The expansion and general refurbishment works required an investment of $108 million and the execution period was 450 days.

The work contemplated general intervention works in the building, where the blood bank and the hematology center worked, located on the left side of the main pavilion of the Centeno General Hospital.

“It is a work that consisted of the renovation of the existing building and the expansion of 250 m2 of new construction. In the refurbishment, 250 m2 were intervened where the two services, blood bank and hematology, worked. Today the building has 500 m2, each one has its own space and separate entrances. This work required 15 months of work and was completed in a timely manner”, explained the works inspector, David Pérez.

The interviewee acknowledged that the new building “was a necessity that the hospital had, for two such important services.” “Now they are being given the space so that professionals can work more comfortably and it is also beneficial for the patients who attend,” he added.

“A total renovation of the facilities was carried out, of what was built, walls and roofs were preserved. All the installations, floors, networks, carpentry, central heating and air conditioning, electricity and gas, toilets, kitchens and furniture, are new”, he detailed.

“We also worked on a sector of the electrical installation that was linked to the hospital’s generator set. This is essential because both in the blood bank and in hematology, they house products that need permanent refrigeration, in turn, the computer system facilities were adapted, ”he explained.

Nicolás Marquesoni, hemotherapy specialist and Head of the Blood Bank of the Gobernador Centeno Hospital, referred to the new building for the service he is in charge of. “This work is very significant, we were very behind in what was the hemotherapy activity. This building gives us the possibility of addressing the higher level of hemotherapy, we become a Regional Center, as established by Law 22,990 and its regulations. This law establishes how a blood bank should function at its three levels and how it should be divided into sectors. All this achievement is the product of the interaction with the directors in the planning of the building and those who carried it out, ”he said.

“The building is specifically designed to fulfill the functions required by a blood bank of the highest level. One of its virtues is that it ensures the circulation of personnel and biological material. This is an important medical act, with the blood that passes from the world of the healthy to the world of the sick, one must be very careful. The distribution of the rooms was specially designed for the functions that a blood bank must fulfill, which is to avoid situations such as bacterial contamination; In this sense, it is much safer to work in special places and with spaces that avoid contact,” he stressed.

Hematology patients will be able to receive treatment and better care at the new facility. “It’s what we dream of,” said the Head of Oncohematology.

Dr. Adriana Santo, Head of Oncohematology, regarding the work of the Hematology Center, expressed “We have been requesting these facilities for many years. We had a small, old and uncomfortable space. For those of us who work here, the new facilities are a pleasure and for the people who attend for health reasons as well. We never had waiting room spaces, from now on patients will be more comfortable and contained. We consider this building an achievement”

“For us it is very important to work in places designed for function, having a spacious environment with separate areas is essential in this specialty. The expectations are met from the building issue and the role it plays for health, “he added.

The hematology center was a work that the health professionals of the Centeno Hospital had been waiting for for many years. Dr. Fernanda Casale, head of the sector, commented on the projection process of the current space. “When the repairs began to be planned, we had participation and we have worked alongside the architects and engineers, they have given us intervention in everything. Everything that was designed is embodied in this work, that is why I want to emphasize that better results are achieved by working as a team”, she recalled.

“We consider that this causes a very important uprooting in a person to whom you give a pathological diagnosis, from the human point of view and the quality of care. Our hospital covers a very large area, we receive patients from the province of Buenos Aires, San Luis and Córdoba”, Casale added.

“In terms of construction, it is what we dream of and we have to advance in what is equipment that there is no doubt that they will provide us with the necessary resources,” he concluded.

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