Ziliotto Signed an Agreement With Filmus For $899 Million

Ziliotto Signed An Agreement With Filmus For $899 Million

Ziliotto Signed An Agreement With Filmus For $899 Million

During an act headed by the president, Alberto Fernández, the governor Sergio Ziliotto signed an agreement with the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Nation, Daniel Filmus, for $899 million. The agreement will allow the creation of an Interinstitutional Center for Bioeconomy based on knowledge -CISBio La Pampa- and the acquisition of four medium and large facilities. In this framework, the Pampas president highlighted the “federalization” of national resources and assured that “science, technology and innovation are the valid tools to add value to all production processes.”


The act took place at Casa Rosada and another 15 governors signed the agreements that would enable the start of 22 works within the framework of the Federal Program “Build Science”.


Governor Ziliotto welcomed the fact that Luz Lardone, from the Pampas, became the Undersecretary for the Federalization of Science, Technology and Innovation. “Federalization unites us and drives us to believe in equal opportunities and inclusion in every corner of Argentina,” she said.


The Pampas president highlighted the complementation with the National government in the implementation of policies that “have to do with embracing science, technology and innovation as one of the keys to definitely get out of the scheme of primarization of the economy.”


“When we see that one of the primary objectives of any government administration is to add value to primary production, we also see science, technology and innovation as the valid tool to do so in all production processes,” said the governor. .


He stressed that the construction of the Interinstitutional Center for Knowledge-Based Bioeconomy “articulates all sectors. It concentrates and enhances the resources that each one contributes: INTA, INTI, the Government of La Pampa through a brand-new Open Science, Technology and Innovation Agency and the National University of La Pampa”.

Ziliotto stressed that the new infrastructure “will be complemented by the General Pico Technological Pole, which, based on scientific and technological support, will contribute to adding value to our primary production.”

Finally, he highlighted the federal scheme proposed by the National government, “because the engine of the economy is in every corner of our Argentine Republic, we only have to promote it and we are on that path.” BUILD SCIENCE


This is the “Build Science” Program, which will allocate $750,000,000 to the refurbishment and expansion of Warehouse II of the General Pico Technological Pole II and the construction of the Inter-institutional Center for Knowledge-based Biotechnology for the territories of the Center (CISBio). , of which participate: INTA, INTI, UNLPam and the Provincial Government. EQUIP SCIENCE

Likewise, within the framework of the “Equipar Ciencia” Program, four medium and large equipment were agreed for a total amount of $149,000,000.


They are intended for the UNLPam, the National Institute of Agricultural Technology and the Scientific Technological Center CONICET – Patagonia Confluence in the areas of mass spectrometry, microscopy and winescan.

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